Our Philosophy: Cultivating Community Harmony

At Wild Earth Gardens, we are driven by the belief that our community’s well-being is intricately tied to the nurturing of our surroundings. Through the creation and maintenance of beautiful and resilient spaces, coupled with a genuine care for the environment, we endeavor to enhance the quality of daily life for everyone.

Rooted in Nature’s Beauty

Our journey began with an innate love for nature, plants, and gardens. We hold a profound conviction that plants are not merely decorative elements but essential contributors to local ecosystems. In every design, we prioritize native and well-adapted plants, drawing on our extensive plant knowledge to identify and care for these botanical wonders.

Sustainability as a Way of Life

For over 25 years, Wild Earth Gardens has championed sustainability, firmly believing that it starts right in our own backyards. Our sustainable landscapes are a testament to this commitment, embodying the following principles:

  1. Health-Boosting Outdoor Spaces: Crafted to enhance well-being, our outdoor spaces beckon relaxation, joy, exercise, and even food production.

  2. Pollinator and Wildlife Sanctuaries: Providing essential food and shelter for pollinators, beneficial insects, birds, and other wildlife.

  3. Water-Wise Practices: Implementing water conservation through proper grading, water catchment, native plants, xeriscaping, and innovative water-saving technologies.

  4. Nutrient-Rich Soils: Nurturing healthy soils with organic amendments and the application of compost tea.

  5. Carbon Sequestration: Contributing to carbon sequestration through strategic tree planting and organic debris recycling.

  6. Local Sourcing: Utilizing regionally sourced materials that reflect the natural beauty of our surroundings.

  7. Pollution Reduction: Embracing manual garden practices to minimize environmental impact.

  8. Reduced Carbon Footprint: Operating within a local service area, employing smart scheduling practices, and logistical efficiency to reduce our carbon footprint.

  9. Community Support: Fostering local economies by actively supporting craftsmen and vendors within our community.

Quality Careers, Vibrant Community

Beyond our commitment to sustainable landscaping, Wild Earth Gardens takes pride in creating meaningful career opportunities for individuals within the Boulder Community. We provide a supportive work environment, ensuring that our team not only thrives but also enjoys “Better than Living Wages.” Join us in cultivating a harmonious community through the beauty of sustainable landscapes.